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Company Background

Dubertex Paint is a private owned paint manufacturing company. We are a subsidiary of HIDCAOL CONCEPT LIMITED AN ON -LINE AND OFFLINE SHOPPING MALL. The company was established in the year 2013 with regional presence in Lagos, Abuja and Delta state. Since its founding, the firm has produced a wide range of paint products solutions for private, industrial and commercial properties.

As a full service paint company with years of experience, our team of expert will work with you to provide long term value and ensure each project exceed your expectation in quality, diligence and price. We derive great satisfaction in helping our clients make their properties, homes and offices comfortable, attractive and valuable. We are fully committed to taking a team approach to every project.

Our Mission

The mission of Dubertex paint is to utilize our range of product to redefine and give you that exquisite finishing you desire for your properties, homes, hotels, offices e.t.c.
We are very focused on our core competencies and professionalism. We strive to be the best at every thing we do. Our primary goal is to provide you with comfort while gazing at your environment.


Our management team is made up of 4 executives and over 50 dedicated employees working together to make Dubertex Paint the premium brand has become known for worldwide.


Omofuophu Oghenenyore B. Solomon


Favour A. Crispina

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David A

Hilary U